Using Twitter History Effectively

Twitter has been one of the best support in the development of business as the users can have a real time conversations. Having a good conversation can make the customers satisfy with a particular product. Most of the business will have lot of conversation with many people in twitter and maintaining the search history can help to continue the discussion on a later period. Twitter was only able to add the search option for the tweets in 2014 and they expected to provide a feature similar to the search engine that can make the users to get connected with conversations that people want to have. Now twitter is able to give access to its users to enter into a conversation that happens around the searches.

There are number of tweets happen on daily basis that can be relevant to a brand or not and this will make it very difficult for the businesses to look for right conversation. Twitter also features the advanced search option that can be used to specialize your right content and after finding the right keyword try to select click More Options on top of the twitter page. There is also Advanced Search option that can be selected to have multiple options and specialize a particular result. This feature is very much useful for the businesses to select the tweets with different ranges. The search engine in twitter can also suggest brand keywords that are widely used which can be the best option for the new businesses.

Brand keywords can be helpful in receiving details about other companies that offer the same product. You can try to collect all the important search history with the help of brand keywords using few simple process like brand words with nicknames, using instagram hashtags, specific locations related to your product and more. After getting results related to your brand, it can be difficult to find out the best one as you will be left out with lot of choices. The importance of twitter search history can seem like unimportant for most of the people using twitter but tweets between the users and the brands can make it much easier while looking for a product.

Managing your twitter chats can make you engaging and the history can help in reviewing things that have been discussed already. You can also delete your searches in twitter history by going to search box where you have to select Clear All option. But make sure that it is not possible to get backyour deleted tweets from the history. Every business knows the importance of having a twitter account and using it effectively. Also make sure to stay active in your twitter and mainly if you have business account to achieve good development. The twitter history is the best way to provide positive customer service and it will be helpful in responding easily to the customers messages. If hashtags are not used during the tweet, it can make it difficult to find the correct result.