Steps To Start Sweepstakes On Social Media

Sweepstakes play an important role in the marketing process and it can easily get attention from the social media users. The sweepstakes can make your brand noticeable and mainly during the holiday season. There are particular ways that can be used to make your sweepstakes successful on the social media network.

1. Objectives of sweepstakes- You must focus on the objective that is used on the sweepstakes. There sweepstakes objectives can increase brand awareness, attract more leads and even get customer referrals. You can also attract more visitors and social media followers.

2. Plan your process- While planning your process, try to select a sweepstakes tool that can be used to automate your task. The tools can help to do various things for using sweepstakes like create template automatically for your sweepstakes, send multiple sweepstakes, automate the winner selection and host your sweepstakes on various social media platforms. Then you must know the rules of the social media channel before using the sweepstakes and also decide about your sweepstakes duration. Finally select the reward that must keep your customers attracted which can be either product related to your brand and even other options.

3. Introduce your sweepstakes- First do a test of your sweepstakes by introducing it to your friends. Then reach to your influencers on the social media to make them support your sweepstakes. Try to convince them to support your sweepstakes as it can help to reach to their followers. Next your must decide about the day you want to introduce the sweepstakes to the audience. You must also decide the time of the launch for your sweepstakes which is really important to make it reach for the larger number of audience.

4. Keep in touch with the participants- Once you have introduced your sweepstakes, the entries will also to come in very fast. Try to follow your main objective of introducing the sweepstakes which is really important. There are a number of things that needs to be done to follow up. First send emails to create the awareness of your brand and also to make others know that you are following up. If possible also send a reminder without annoying your audience. Send one email in a week as reminder or send at least 2 tweets in a day which can be the best idea to make them notice.

5. Close your sweepstakes- Before selecting the sweepstakes winner, you have to do one last thing. Send one final reminder through social media or emails with the announcement of your sweepstakes closure. Then you can select the winner on your own or you can also use a tool to randomly select the sweepstakes winner. At last announce the sweepstakes winner through email and social networks. After the confirmation of your winner mail them the reward to their address. Create a report about your sweepstakes and share the results on your social media platform to give additional exposure to your business.