Important Tools To Track Twitter Hashtag

Hashtags are the best way to track people related to your interests. Always try to create a unique hashtag that is simple and related to your business. Your interest can be related to a product, events as wells as marketing. The hashtags can help to decide about targeting and tracking the right campaign. Most of the businesses normally use common hashtags such as food. If you use this keyword to search you will received lot of results that can make your selection of hashtag more difficult. Instead of doing this manually in this way, there are many tools available that can help in achieving proper results with a short time.

1. Tagboard- This tool helps to find text, photos and videos in the posts which can help in knowing the things related to the particular hashtag. Once you have decided about the relevant conversations in Twitter, this tool can help you to add all of them together that can be used for further interaction.

2. Bundle Post- It is considered to be the best content management tool that can create, arrange, schedule and then post the content for your hashtag campaigns. Bundle Post has a special feature that can be used to find the popular keywords related to content and replace them with the hashtags.

3. RebelMouse- This is one of the tool that is suitable for cross-platform campaign. It can help to find out hashtag conversations in a social media along with details about Google Analytics, RSS feeds, etc. You can also embed this tool in a website and it also features customizable designs. By making the Twitter users to share the hashtag, you can reach out to a large audience

4. RiteTag- If you are planning to optimize updates for your Twitter account along with best hashtags for the content, this tool lest you to analyzes first before creating a list of hashtags. It also provides an extension that can be included in the web browser which is useful in scheduling the updates using the optimized hashtags.

5. Talkwalker- This tool tracks the hashtags and it doesn’t stop there. You can also use it to track the hashtag and get into a conversation related to it. It provides the data for sentiment analysis about your hashtags and also the hashtags of your competitors. The details received by using this tool can be downloaded into Excel and Word as they will be analyzed, filtered and sorted for better usage.

6. Twubs and Tweet Binder- This tool is similar to a live stream which can be used for Twitter chats. If you want to do things in a real-time, then try to use this tool. Tweet Binder is another tool where you can enter hashtag to get a complete report about retweets, related photos, links and more based on the hashtag. Now you will have the results based on your hashtag that can be used to categorize the people of your interests.