Effectively Using Twitter Advanced Search

The advanced search option in Twitter is the best option to monitor the keywords as well as conversations to get along with your influencers. It is also one of the best options for those who want to have a relevant conversation.

1. Get into conversation- Use the advanced search option to look for the conversations that people are having in Twitter. It is easy to make complex searches using keywords related to your brand with the help of this advanced search option. Once you have searched the brand related keywords, try to develop useful connections along with the people. Try using OR operator as they can help to sort out the keywords relevant to your brand.

2. Look over hashtags- There are few hashtags as well as keywords that can be achieved with the help of advanced search to find the right people for your discussion. You will get lot of opportunities once the right hashtag gets monitored properly and discuss with users to develop a good connections.

3. Connect with brand peers- The Twitter users can also look for important contacts to follow your brands. Use the keyword in the search box and filter the results, then select more options and choose the accounts that have the keywords you have used. Create a customized list based on your brand contacts and follow users to include it into your list. You can use the tool such as TweetDeck to monitor the list you have created. In case you want to limit the search, just enter search term to see the tweets that are related to your search.

4. Get real time updates- Use the search function in Twitter to get information about real-time news. Try to find out how others are able to find the latest news and give your personal insight related to it. Try to share the articles that are completely new and make sure it is worth listening for those who want to read it.

5. Study about customer interests- This is a very important step as it will help to know the customer interests to easily get engaged with them. In case you are planning to follow a particular tweet from a user, try to get more information about the customer. Use Twitter handle of the user to look for tweets related to the particular user. You can also see the complete details of tweets which refer to your Twitter account.

6. Adjust the search option- Try to alter the search option to find the tweets that are right by using perfect combination of the keywords. Share direct source of the tweet when you find the right articles with other users. Have a conversation with other user just like discussing with your friend to get engaged with them easily. Also filter the feed and show tweets that feature your comments without any links. Try to curate the unique posts which have been popular the users with the retweet advanced search.