Carousel Ads Option From Twitter

Carousel ads are one of the popular way of attracting more leads and it has been proved by most of the social media platforms such as Facebook. Just like this option, Twitter has been testing to introduce its own carousel ads. The carousel ads from Twitter are expected to advertisers to curate more than on tweet in one swipe-able ad unit. The advertisers will be able to leverage the tweets using the videos, text or even images from the Twitter account. The marketers will also include content from the Niche creators and also with the content from other users in Twitter having advertiser permission for utilizing their tweet. The ad units have been tested by Twitter using managed accounts such as Disney who use the tweets from various influencers from their movie ‘The BFG’.

When compared to Facebook, this carousel unit can be less interesting, but it is still in its testing stage. The restriction of your tweets in Twitter is also one of the reasons for this where as in other social media platforms have reduced to limitations. In Twitter, contents are normally confined in the existing tweets which make it less impressive and it also reduces the opportunity to create your own way of storytelling. As per Marketing Land, the advertisers can include about 20 tweets in the carousel and according to Twitter just 5-7 will be in sweet spot. Twitter also knows how other social media are using their own carousel ads to make it big in this platform.

There is also a possibility of using this option by the brands on only the regular users. If this happens brands can use the tweets from other people by getting their permission. There is no mechanism available in Twitter to verify the permission and the ads will be deleted if any of the tweets is misused. This carousel ads experiment was also done by Twitter long back with the help of an app along with the similar format, but these ads failed to attract most of the users. The Twitter is expecting to do good this time around with this new carousel ad option which involves the user preferences.

All these new options from Twitter is expected to gain more ad revenue which was very low than actually expected by the company in the last quarter. With this carousel ad, Twitter is planning to receive more engagement and gain more than the last quarter revenue. As this option from Twitter is completely new it is expected to get more attention from most of the users. In this present situation about social media platform have been good and mainly Twitter has been performing well. This can be one of the main reasons that would have made Twitter to test the carousel ad option. But we have to wait and see whether this latest improvement from Twitter will get any positive result until it is available in the Twitter as an option.