Why Peerfly Is Against Twitter Promotion?

If you are looking for a cost per action network that is among the best among the rest, I would simply recommend you to check out the power of Peerfly. First and foremost, what is Peerfly anyway? Peerfly is among the best cost per action (CPA) networks up to date, and they do have a high reputation among the advertisers and publishers as well. But I think there is one thing that you should get cautious in promoting various Peerfly offers (oh I mean, every Peerfly offer) to any source, and you should be more careful about it for good. Oh well, I would really guess that I would be revealing something to you for good.

For now, I do have a question for you, which may left you wondering after a few minutes. Are you now ready for this question that I have in store for you? Oh very well then, here is the question that I have in store for you. Why is it that Peerfly is against the publishers in promoting their offers on Peerfly? Do you really wanted to know the exact reason behind this thing? It is simply because Twitter can be an easy source to spam your own offers to your followers.

In that way, the advertiser and Peerfly itself may find this non-friendly at all, and may cause your publisher account to be shut down in an immediate basis without pardon, or even having a chance to be reinstated. Did you already get what I mean?