What’s Your Experience In Twitter Marketing?

If you are being asked by someone who is a certified Twitter like no other, would you dare to answer it or not? For me who buy Twitter followers, I think it is about time that we should be answering it like no other. Are you ready for the question that I am about to ask you right now? I think there is nothing wrong for you to answer this like no other, so that you may know how valuable this is for you. Ok anyways, here is the question that I really wanted you to answer right now. Here goes!

What would be your own experience as a Twitter marketer yourself? Would you care if you can indeed share to us about your own Twitter marketing experience? If that’s so, just simply comment on this blog and share what you got as a Twitter marketer. But for now, I would like to share some of my own experience as a Twitter marketer. Would you like to hear my own story now? For me as a Twitter marketer, I think this was one of the most challenging tasks that I have ever had. You know why? Twitter marketing is not very easy for me as an internet marketer.

It is quite challenging, just like the other methods that I have tested. Other methods that I have some experience are no other than Facebook marketing, article marketing, press releases, blog commenting and posting, and a whole lot more like no other.