Twitter Marketing: Media Buying Negotiations With Forum Owners

Once you have found the niche forums that you are looking for media buying purposes, I think you already know what is coming next. Do you? If you are going to have some plans to buy Twitter followers, I would really think that you are going to be interested with this one for good. Right now, I will be talking about negotiating your media buying plans with the forum owners as a Twitter marketer yourself. Do you think it is really necessary for us to do some negotiations in a private way? As a Twitter and internet marketer yourself, I think this was pretty necessary at all.

But how are we going to negotiate with them about our media buying proposals anyways?

Do not worry right now, I am going to teach you that one. But are you ready to rumble now? Oh yeah, let us get started to know these things for good. Assuming that you have applied the keyword I have mentioned in the previous blog post, all you have to do was simply collect at least 10 to 20 of them. To make sure of their monthly traffic, you need to go to Quantcast and Compete to compare their own demographics and monthly traffic like no other.

If their traffic was indeed perfect for your product or service to be offered, you need to contact them via their Support section, and offer them a price. In other words, you need to negotiate a cheap price for the first month, until the forum owner agrees. After that, it is time to play the game!