Twitter Marketing: How To Find Forums For Media Buying Purposes?

Just like what I have told you last time for the ones you did buy Twitter followers, it was indeed all about finding forums for you to do media buying. Once again, I would just like to ask you another question. Oh no, not this God damn question again? Hahaha! Oh well, I guess you have no other choice, but to answer this for yourself, once and for all! Are you now ready for the question that I have in store for you right now? Without further ado, here is the question that I wanted to ask you for now.

How the hell are we going to find the forums for media buying purposes as Twitter marketers?

For me, I think this is quite simple. But I would simply like to remind you once again, that in the end, nothing would be very easy for you to implement every single method that really works until now. Ok now, let us begin on how to find these targeted forums in our respective niches for media buying purposes as certified Twitter marketers. To start things off, I would really like you to go to Google for yourself. You need to type these keywords in the search bar:

“niche” + forum or “niche” + forums

All you have to do was replace the “niche” word with your own desired niche, and you will be getting the results immediately. In addition to that, another good source would be the Big Boards, so that it will be easy for you to search on them.