Limited Facebook Promotion on Peerfly Is Also A Concern For Twitter Marketers

Just like Peerfly who doesn’t like us to promote their offers on Twitter (unless you are giving value without mentioning their offers on your tweet), this is another method that you should be getting cautious to yourself. Do you want me to explain this one as long you have some plans to buy Twitter followers? Of course I am, as long you continue to learn something great in the world of Twitter marketing. If Peerfly does not let you promote their own offers in a direct way using Twitter, so as the other social media that I am going to reveal it by myself. Without further ado, I would be revealing to this as Facebook.

Are you really serious about this stuff? Of course, I am really God damn serious about this, and I really mean it for good. If I am indeed very serious about this one, I would suggest that you should try to listen into every single word that I am about to say in this blog post of mine. Without further ado, Peerfly is only allowing us to promote their offers on Facebook in a limited way. But what are those ways that are allowed if it’s really limited once and for all?

You are only allowed to use Twitter if you are the owner of a Facebook Fan Page, or you are spending money to buy Facebook ads and make money with it. You are not allowed to promote Peerfly offers by spamming around on other Facebook fan pages, groups, friends’ walls, PM’s, etc.